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Description KAROSTORE - Your body and paint store

We are pleased to provide an overview of the services of the Cloud warehouse management software KAROSTORE and the included possibilities and features.

1. short description of the warehouse management software for body and paint shops: KAROSTORE

The warehouse management software KAROSTORE is a simple warehouse management software with storage bin related inventory management. That means it is possible to manage stock in different storage locations (which can also be different buildings, rooms or shelves). As master data articles, suppliers and storage bins can be created in the system.
The storage locations can be uniquely identified by name or by classic shelf coordinates. If required, different locations or branches of the company can also be managed in one account. The system includes a function for printing storage bin barcode labels for marking and scanning. In addition, barcode labels can be printed for the articles.

Stock receipts (goods receipts/deliveries) and stock issues (stock withdrawal/consumption) can be posted by simple entries or scans. The article number or the EAN number often already attached to the product can be scanned. All stock movements and postings are recorded in the stock log. Numerous evaluations and statistics are possible via this stock journal. All data can be filtered and sorted in the inventory management software, but can also be exported to Excel where it can be conveniently processed and evaluated as usual.

Through the consumption postings (stock withdrawals), the warehouse management software generates consumption or sales statistics. These can be evaluated according to article, employee, manufacturer, store and supplier. Thus KAROSTORE offers the company important data (consumed quantities/targeted (purchase) turnover) for price negotiations with suppliers. With this feature alone, KAROSTORE supports the entrepreneur in the economic optimization of his company.
As a special feature, the warehouse management software KAROSTORE offers the possibility to set target stocks per article, or on request per article and store. The warehouse management software then ensures by automatic orders from the suppliers that the target stock levels are always available in the warehouse. The automatic orders are sent by e-mail and can be scheduled daily, weekly (e.g. every Friday) or every two weeks in the supplier settings in the warehouse management software. With this feature KAROSTORE supports the modern entrepreneur in optimizing his warehouse. The capital bound by stock items is minimized. In addition, the space required for the warehouse can be minimized. Due to a smaller warehouse the counting effort for an inventory is reduced.
This means that no employee has to worry about replenishment orders and can concentrate on productive tasks during the valuable working hours. The warehouse management software takes care of replenishment orders reliably and regularly.

The cloud warehouse management software KAROSTORE is completely executed in the browser. An installation on the PCs is not necessary. The stock levels or other data can be viewed from any existing computer (PC or laptop/notebook) or tablet and can be changed by stock bookings. Access to the Cloud warehouse management software is SSL encrypted and secure. The cloud warehouse management software KAROSTORE is hosted in Germany and is DSGVO compliant.
The warehouse management software KAROSTORE is a multi-user system. By the administrator of the customer account any number of users can be set up for login. Within the warehouse management software KAROSTORE different user groups with different authorizations can be configured.

KAROSTORE is designed in such a way that customer-specific changes can also be implemented. Please contact us if required.